Can Global Warming Be Reversed?

Yes, global warming and the climate change it produces can be reversed and it can also be slowed down. However, it won’t happen overnight and it won’t happen without major technological, political and lifestyle changes over the coming years. Alternative fuel and energy sources can be developed which would cut down on pollution. Rainforests and other natural ecosystems can be preserved, filtering out CO2 and keeping the planet healthy. People on a day to day level can take action to cut back on their wasteful energy uses to fight global warming.

As mentioned though, there is not some magic pill that will solve everything instantly. If the human race as a whole wants to fight climate change and global warming, massive solutions need to be implemented as soon as possible. Action needs to be taken on a very large scale. The timeline is not thousands of years before the planet starts facing deadly and drastic consequences but less than 100 years. Global warming and climate change are already upon us.

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